Dinner dates

Booking / Friday, December 22nd, 2017

Hi guys, have you ever been staying in a Manchester hotel, maybe in one of the many city center ones or maybe at the airport. Been lonely, stressed form a boring business meeting or tired form a long flight and wanted to take a Manchester Escort out to dinner but was a little apprehensive as to what she might be wearing.

No need to worry if you fancy a dinner date with me. I have a gorgeous long red cocktail dress that looks amazing, you would be proud to have me linking your arm as we walk into the restaurant together.
It is said that red is a color of the women worldwide and for me it plays an important role in my wardrobe. No matter what kind of function or gathering I am attending the red dress is always my first priority over the so much over rated Little Black Dress or LBB.

There are 2 very good things about my long red dress that you may have over looked, the cleavage line and the fact that no one ever gets to see what is underneath it until we are alone.

Anna Belle xxx

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