Sex on the Beach

Blog / Friday, December 22nd, 2017

I went to Spain last week. When I arrived at my hotel I was very pleased and my room was nice. I went down to the beach to sun bathe topless of course and did lots of swimming.I found a really nice Spanish restaurant serving Paella and a good wine list.The waiter was very nice and very attentive; he never left me alone all through my meal, offering me more wine. He was flirting with me all through my meal and we got on very well. Then he asked me if I would like to go for a stroll up the beach with him, so I though why not. We strolled along the beach listening to the waves and the sound of the ocean. Then he got my hair at the nape of my neck in a ball and pulled me towards him, kissing me and exploring my mouth with his tongue, kissing me harder and harder and all I could smell was his expensive aftershave and body wash. It’s the most arousing smell in the world, the smell of a man. He took my hand and pulled me to a secluded part of the beach.

Well I thought what the heck I am on holiday after all, so I started to open the buttons on his shirt slowly while still exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues, kissing frantically by now, he unzipped my dress and I stood there in just a small pair of panties, he stood back in the moonlight starring at my body saying how amazing my body was, He tweaked my nipples between his fingers and I felt the pulsing in between my thighs, I was feeling so horny I thought I was going to burst.

I then undid his belt and un zipped his trousers, next thing I knelt down in the sand and took his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the end and up and down the sides, getting my tongue and running it in all directions while his cock was in my mouth. I could hear him groaning with pleasure, which made me just, get hornier. He lied me down on the sand and pulled my panties off, then he started to lick my clitoris round and round and up and down while inserting two fingers into my soaking wet pussy, I was wriggling my hips round and round and screaming for him to bring me to orgasm, the next thing I feel myself tipple over the edge and scream out frantically with pleasure,I was very dizzy by this time, but I felt him on top of me wanting to enter me.Well the next thing I know he is inside me , thrusting and thrusting and I was pushing hard towards him too. B

oth eager and aroused and wanting to both cum, I could feel us both pushing harder and faster and both shouting for the climax which had built up all evening between us. Then I felt a wet sensation all over me just as we both tipped over the edge together, both screaming with ecstasy because we had climaxed together, when I realised the wet was the tide surrounding us which added to the pleasure.

We lay there for a few minutes getting our breath back, and I started to suck his cock again to make it hard, taking it deep into my throat and feeling it grow in my mouth, I love having that sort of power in my hands it amazing. So then I get on top of him and ride him, slowly at first and pushing into him deeper and deeper inside me, then faster and faster and more intense our breath getting quicker, then out of the blue he stopped and turned me over, he then entered me from behind, I do love A levels it’s so sexy. And while he is thrusting harder and harder from behind he leans forwards and starts to rub my clitoris faster and faster until I could feel us both climaxing again together, and screaming out at the same time.

After lying there on the beach for a while getting our breath back again, he walked me back to my hotel and kissed me good night. Great holiday and great sex, I now know the true meaning to sex on the beach and will always grin when I am offered the cocktail Sex on The Beach.

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